OnePlus 3T Camera vs Galaxy S7 Edge!! Side-by-Side Comparisons!


OnePlus 3T ➜
Samsung Galaxy S7 ➜


The OnePlus 3T is a super sweet phone, and the camera holds up very well to the flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. How do they compare?!

Main Comparisons (index):
-Pricing and camera specs (specs ain’t everything 😉 0:23
-Photos; color, constrast, HDR, dynamic range, sharpness 0:59
-Video; sharpness and resolution, color saturation, exposure and balance 2:00
–Slow-motion 3:08
-Image stabilization 3:43
-Front facing “selfie” camera 4:12
-Audio comparison 4:51
-Low light 5:04
-Stock camera app 5:29
-Focusing issue: 6:20
-Final notes & conclusions 6:54

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46 thoughts on “OnePlus 3T Camera vs Galaxy S7 Edge!! Side-by-Side Comparisons!”

  1. Liked the video. Learned a lot from this video. Thanks for making it. Just out of curiosity from where did you get that doubble phone stand?

  2. I was always fun of chinese competition and i have personaly xiaomi mi5, but One plus 3t is now becoming expencive and its not very interesting to me because they are having small different. Im fun if chinese xy brand if i can save more money for small different but if im paying 100 dollar less for something which is not enough tested brand then its too expensive. I know the brand phones are too expensive because it doesnt cost more then 50 euro in production, everything else is profit and marketing, but xy brands are expencive also because they dont have tradition, they are not tested and you might get surprised when you spend your money on it.

  3. I have two s7e phones and both of them have big trouble auto focusing when recording video at 60 fps…other modes seem not to have this problem. I've seen other videos showing the same problem. Also, when recording video in not so perfect lighting conditions in auto mode the video looks very grainy and "noisy".

  4. can someone help, i consider to buy between note 5 and op3T, wheres the best between those: camera, user experience and performance?
    i love note 5 pen but i love too the midnight black colour of op3T. now the prizes of both are same

  5. Very helpful video.. I guess you are the only YouTuber who does side by side comparison this efficiently.. keep it up 👍👍

  6. I don't know which one to buy, I'll have a better screen and camera on the S7 Edge but I don't know if the S7 Edge is still powerful and fast (it is the case for the 3T but I prefer the S7 Edge screen with the Edge functionalities and TouchWiz)
    Could someone please help me? 😀

  7. Onepus 3t is low quality camera. And s7 edge is very high quality camera. Because s7 edge dual pixel technology. Ok

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