HP Internet Advisor: $20,000 Monster 486 Laptop


Say hello to the Hewlett Packard J2300 series protocol analyzer! It’s heavy, loud, and has a 100MHz 486DX4. What more could you want in a computer! Except maybe a sense of practicality, haha.

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40 thoughts on “HP Internet Advisor: $20,000 Monster 486 Laptop”

  1. Dude u rock. Love the dry humor! DO U HAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS.? Sorry about the caps. Also do u have a museum? U should . Charge between 300$ TO 500$ FOR AN hour or so…depending on how obnoxious the visitor is. Love what u do man.. thanx:)

  2. These were probably used in gigantic military planes 20 years ago… then actual portability became a thing

  3. 0:05 That screensaver reminds me of that part in Majoras Mask where you're falling down the pit and all these random icons start flying at you. i love it.

  4. Using an OPL2LPT or OPL3LPT would be nice on this one, I'm sure. Wish I could find one of these someday.

  5. 486 DX4-100, 16mb, 1G HDD… for some time that was my dream rig… Oh how i pinned for my friends' 486' while i made do with 8088 XT, 640kb, 10mb… good times… thanks for sharing!

  6. this thing was never sold in europe, or? could find it only on ebay america for 150€/usd. including shippping just too expensive and incompatible with european power grid

  7. Perhaps a little less ridicule of these machines ?! They were great for their time – allowing the present day tech to be what it is…just sayin´.

  8. Ahh, these bring back good memories. I used one of these every morning when I woke up, and every night before I went to bed. These were the only things reliable enough to take on my trip to Venus where I was the commander, chief engineer, pilot, and head doctor of the mission there. Well, my story is about as believable as half of the made up comments below, anyways.

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