Potato Pancakes – Placki Ziemniaczane – Ania’s Polish Food Recipe #1

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Potato Pancakes – Placki Ziemniaczane
This time I am presenting how to make Polish potato pancakes. My favourite lunch food! Crispy and soft at the same time, can be served with sour cream or with sugar.

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35 thoughts on “Potato Pancakes – Placki Ziemniaczane – Ania’s Polish Food Recipe #1”

  1. Is it possible to provide a weight for the potatoes so I can understand the ratio of potato to egg? Different people have different ideas about what size a "medium" potato is, depending what's available in the shops where they are. I probably want to make a small batch first, with half an egg, so just wondering how many grams of potato would work best?

  2. I'm finding myself on a "Ania's Kitchen marathon", watching video after video, I'm absolutely loving your stuff. Keep up the good work darl! 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing these delicious recipes.My mom(Polish),squeezes the potatoes with bare hands after food processor to remove any liquid.That way they're less oily/watery.Smacznego!!

  4. My Babcia used to make these for us! I never knew how she did it because hers were the smoothest I've ever had. She must have done it similar to you.

  5. I've never tried any polish food only candy but trying to find a polish restaurant is impossible near where I live

  6. I regret not having the foresight to watch my mother cook or get her recipes before she passed. She was Hungarian and Czech. I am trying my best to recreate some of her dishes I had growing up. She used to make pan fried potato dumplings that were outta this world! Boiled them first, then into the cast iron skillet until browned a bit, served with bits of bacon I think. Pretty sure they were grated/raw. I can't seem to find the name or a proper recipe for these, could you help Ania?

  7. Good recipe. Just an FYI. It is Grate the potatoes, not great the potatoes even though it makes sense it isn't what you are trying to say. I'm sure the potatoes are great.
    I just got back from Poland and I had these with mushroom gravy one night and sour cream another.

  8. I put my grated potatoes in cold water for about an hour to get all the starch out and then rinse and drain before proceeding because then they don't darken.

  9. forgot to say. I don't add the onions to the grated potatoes while they soak because I don't want to lose the onion flavor.

  10. I seem to be binge watching your videos because everything looks so good! This is another favorite dish from home that I have not had for a while. I just bought a new food processor so I'll have to give your method a try.

  11. Ania, just watched the potato pancake video and it is excellent. Years ago our exchange student form the Czech made them for us. They will be on our table for Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas!

  12. I'm having some friend over tomorrow going to try this looks fantastic I don't have any polish friends so I'm gonna try to impress them with this haha dziekuje!!! 😘

  13. Oh yum ! You know,you can skip the grating part. Just put in processor with blade. It makes it nice and smooth. So fast and easy. It's a regular meal at my house. Growing up, it was for meatless Friday's .

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