Six Pack Workout | Obliques (26 REPS ONLY!)


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In order to get a complete six pack and obliques, you have to train your core completely. In this video, I show you how to hit every major function of your abs, obliques and transverse abdominus muscles in order to maximally develop your core and have a visible six pack. Now obviously, no good core comes without a good nutrition plan. Be conscious of the foods you put in your mouth and you will start to see your abs and get rid of the overlying fat.

That said, all you have to do to understand the complete function of the core is to look at the direction of the fibers of each muscle that is found in it. To start, the rectus abdominus muscle runs vertically straight up and down. This makes the rectus a good muscle for producing the normal up and down motions of a crunch or standard leg raise.

The obliques on the other hand, are angled muscles that run high to low and low to high. The external obliques are responsible for creating rotation and anti-rotation while the internal obliques rotate in the opposite direction while still helping to create stability and control of rotation.

The transverse abdominus runs horizontally and acts as your own internal weight belt. The function of the transverse is to cinch down and provide internal support and stability of your waist while allowing your six pack abs to stand out without appearing too blocky due to having a thick waist.

Now you can either train each of these muscles independently through the use of different exercises or you can train all of these functions at once. We actually include complete ab workouts that take only six to eight minutes that hit all of the muscles and movements in your core. With new shuffled ab workouts every day, you’ll never do the same six pack abs workout twice.

The six pack abs workout shown in this video gives you a fast but tough option to train for a 6 pack. Spell out every letter of the alphabet with your knees during a hanging knee raise without taking a rest and your abs are in for a challenge. If you are super strong, try to make your way through the alphabet more than once. The key is really spelling out your letters and taking advantage of the multi planar elements of your ab exercises.

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47 thoughts on “Six Pack Workout | Obliques (26 REPS ONLY!)”

  1. the exercise looks great, but its mostly for an advance athlete. please make a video on abs exercises for beginners. I can't even get decent number of reps for the simple knee raises.

  2. Jeff, the negative comments are coming from those that are not really working out! Ignore the Ignorance and keep sharing the knowledge. I have really seen my body change. Hence, I know they do not know what they are talking about!!!!

  3. Nice video Sir
    Should I use light weight more reps or heavy weight less reps to gain muscles ( to increase size ). My age is 32.
    Please explain this.
    Thank you Sir

  4. The phrase "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog's back" uses the entire alphabet. If you want a challenge.

  5. shorter harder exercises are better quality over quantity and if you're a fighter you going to want shorter but harder exercises

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