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(serves 2)
6 Chicken Wings (360 g / 12.7 oz)
A sprinkle of Salt
1 tsp Sake
1 tsp Ginger Root Juice
2 tbsp Potato Starch

2 tbsp Soy Sauce
2 tbsp Sake
2 tbsp Mirin
2 tsp Sugar
1 tsp Grated Garlic
1 tsp Grated Ginger Root
½ tsp Vinegar
Toasted White Sesame Seeds

Cracked Black Pepper
Sansho Pepper Powder
Ichimi – Red Chili Powder

Frying Oil (Vegetable Oil)
Sesame Oil

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<Material> 2 servings
Chicken wings: 6 (about 360 g)
Salt: A bit
Liquor: Small 1
Ginger juice: small 1
Potato starch: Large 2

Soy sauce: large 2
Liquor: Large 2
Mirin: Large 2
Sugar: Small 2
Garlic and grated: small 1
Ginger grated grated: small 1
Vinegar: Small 1/2
Sesame roasted sesame (white)

Coarse ground black pepper
Pepper powder
Ichimi Chilli

Fried oil (salad oil)
Sesame oil

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  1. Delicious recipe I always go back to time and time again. Every time I make it, I receive lots of compliments. I always tell people to come and check out this channel!
    Please don't stop making these videos!

  2. Forger putting the chicken in cold oil. Just fry it twice. Fry first at 350F, for 7-9 minutes to cook the insides. Then fry again at 375F to finish and make the chicken crispy.

  3. I've made this recipe about 4-5 times and they are a hit with my friends and family every single time. Thanks Cooking with Dog!

  4. "6 chicken wings. Serves 2" Ha like I wouldn't double the recipe and still eat them all by myself <3

  5. I wanna make this tomorrow. I would like to cook only stings from this channel forever,but my hubby doesn't want Japanese food every day 🙁

  6. さっき気づいたのですが、日本語字幕が、加わりましたね💕💕

  7. You need to put way more potato starch if you want it to be super crunchy make sure the wing is covered with the potato starch until its super white

  8. Your accent is seriously the worst. I'm sorry for being mean but my god dude it's like shoving broken glass into my ears.

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