How to Make a Coin Battery

Make your own battery using copper coins, vinegar, foil and cardboard. I had enough energy to power an LED with mine and also a TV remote! Really simple science project and easy to do yourself.

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42 thoughts on “How to Make a Coin Battery”

  1. This only lasts through the night and I was experimenting and the output is much more powerful when you do cardboard layers in between the metals.

  2. Coin touching triggers my OCD, hate it because when i squish coins my hands smell like metal and it's gross.

  3. Hello Sir I need more projects which are related to electronics..i have to do project in my clg. I'm not getting any idea..please help…

  4. WATT a brilliant video from davehax. It's amazing how he can ENERGIZE our minds with cool tricks and lessons. No but seriously, great video, keep it up!!

  5. One thing I hate: Vinegar.
    Why do I hate Vinegar; The strong smell.
    What's in the cleaning process: Vinegar.
    You see where I'm going with this?

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