The most asked questions that I’ve had – “are you using the mic’s on the RX100 V” or “does the RX100 V have a built in mic input”. The answer to both is no, but I will share a little secret.

I present to you, the Sparrow Mach I… a run-and-gun shooting rig that I have built for the RX100 V.

RODE Videomicro
ZOOM H1 Recorder
Vello Flash Bracket
SmallRig Male to Male 1/4″ adapter

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28 thoughts on “HOW TO GET AUDIO WITH THE SONY RX100 V”

  1. This might be a dumb question since it seems like the easiest solution but are there any cable adaptors that could hook up to the micro usb plug in the camera with an aux in the other end to hook up the external mic?

  2. Good video, I give most a thumb up, but this video goes into many, many details but does not give an answer to the title. The Sony doesn't have a connection, so how do you sync? In post? I need to do live interviews… hmm…

  3. Hi, I am not very succesful at finding information about what memory card is the best for this piece. Would you be so nice and share? Thx a lot!

  4. This is awesome, I bought all 3 parts immediately after watching this. For me the built-in audio in the RX100v isn't terrible, but there are times where I must be accidentally covering up the microphone or something and it sounds like absolute garbage. Figure it would be better to just invest another 150 bucks and not have to deal with this anymore. Thanks for the recommendations.

  5. You are friggin' unbelievable! This is one of the most amazing demonstrations of the evolution of a technical solution I've ever seen. Just BRILLIANT!

  6. Your room looks great as a filming set background. That being said I wonder how you deal with dust on all the gear exposed.

  7. Great video – I'm also going for this setup. One question though: Why not put the H1 on the top and the mic below it? That way you can see the H1 screen (and record light) more easily.

  8. thanks a lot for this video. i'm new in the domain of video, and you got me to do my first setup. actually it's not yet done, but i've taken notes and I plan doing this very setup. It happen that I already have the H1 recorder. it's gonna be very nice I think héhé. 🙂 note: I don't know if you've done that, but if not, could you do a video that explains how to sinc video and audio, i've had a bit difficulties with this. especially with a setup which audio and video are in two parts and not connected, thank you 🙂

  9. Hey Ted, check out the SmallRig RX100 cage. No need for all the plates, etc. Mount a recordable shotgun like the Shure VP83F right to the camera cage. Very enticing.

  10. Possibly due to age of this video I won't get an answer but will give it a shot anyway. Have scrolled down and looked at a lot of the questions to try and find an answer but couldn't find it. Have found some people saying the Sony ECM-XYST1M mic is compatible with the RX100 from version 2 onward. Could you please confirm/deny the truth of this. Thank you. Love the channel

  11. Hello Ted .. Thanks to you .. I made the same set up .. albeit with one change and that is i m using Zoom H1N .. rest remains the same … thanks so much for the above video and sharing with us

  12. impressive. i think the setup would be awsome with an afordable gimbal like the zhiyun crane-M don't know if everything would fit 😉

  13. I don't think you're going to fit 'sparrow' into your pocket anymore…
    I think with that microphone clusterf, it kinda takes up as much space as an A7III with one of the smaller 20-70 lenses, no?

  14. May I know what format you use when recording audio in h1? I realize that it pick up some background noise. Can you post on how you edit your audio and sync your audio into video in Premiere pro?

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