GoPro on a Labrador Retriever Left Home Alone!








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28 thoughts on “GoPro on a Labrador Retriever Left Home Alone!”

  1. You set her up and then you scold her. That is sooooooooooo wrong. Obviously the dog thinks you the best thing on earth. Too bad that not the case.

  2. That was so cute. It was kinda sad the first few seconds when she was being left, but love that she went straight for that popcorn!!! You can tell your babies are loved and that’s all that matters. Dogs are the funniest creatures.

  3. This is really disturbing – first you leave the dog alone while the others go with you. Any dog will eat food in front of them. And a bowl of popcorn which will probably make her sick. Then you tell her she's bad after you set her up! I feel sorry for your dogs that's very cruel behavior as a dog owner.

  4. You are retard and do not deserve your dogs. You torment Daisy causing anxiety when you leave then confuse her by making her feel bad. You are irresponsible.

  5. Dude, we love watching your videos, and we know you love your dogs, but please don't do any more experiments with them. You are doing them a big injustice by setting them up to fail and then yelling at them, and worse, rewarding them immediately after. That's not cool.

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