Making a Prop Heart

Here’s how I made the prop heart for my Queen of Broken Hearts video! This isn’t really a tutorial as I pretty much winged the whole thing and I have no idea what I’m doing yet. I just thought I’d share the process with you. 🙂

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Canon 60D / Adobe Premiere Pro CS5

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UltraViolet – Amarante




21 thoughts on “Making a Prop Heart”

  1. For 'winging it' you did a GREAT job, and I was just looking for an easy prop for my Angel of Death halloween costume. Thanks!!

  2. this is great especially me being a newbie with special fx. Im planning on being a human voodoo doll and I didnt just want to paint a heart on my chest. This is simple enough that I feel like I could replicate this. Just FYI if I do make this I will definitely tag you in it . Thanks so much.

  3. Hi I am French sorry for my English I wanted to tell you that I tested the fabrication of the false heart for a project in art but with simple liquid latex so the mold being too thin and elastic I made a layer of latex Mixed with flour to make it thicker after it I covered with strip of plaster and then galley to remove the clay ^^ and wonder if I use power gelatin for the heart it will work and this will unmold as well as with rubber latex ?

  4. hi! i'm making a kidney prop for a school project, i have two questions:
    1. what can i use instead of monster clay if i don't have one? can i use regular modelling clay?
    2. what can i use to substitute liquid latex? can i use glue?

    p.s.: all these are really hard to find here and it's quite expensive so this would be a big help! thank you :>

  5. Love it! Figured I would do something like this but I hadn't thought of the shell for the mold and how to paint the heart so that's some great tips. Can't wait to try it out.

  6. That's really nice! I have a question: what kind of paint are you using? Is it the alcohol activated paint? Thanks!

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