Six Pack Abs Routine for Shredded Abs


In this video I cover the age old question on how to get a shredded six pack.

I show some of my favorite exercises and how to perform them correctly. The entire workout is below. If you do this routine 2-3 times per week, you will build a ridiculous set of abs.

Abs Workout:

3 sets of decline abs x 20 reps each set

3 sets of decline abs with a twist x 20 reps each set

3 sets of three way leg raises x 10 reps each side

3 sets of lying leg twists x 20 reps each side

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41 thoughts on “Six Pack Abs Routine for Shredded Abs”

  1. Jaret great vid man.. But in my opinion… Getting lower abs isn't really a measure of body fat for me. I've wrestled for 12 years and constantly cutting weight I've always had the top four but the bottom two seem impossible.. However my friend who had much much higher body fat that me had shredded 6 pack abs , this doesn't make any sense to me.. It confuses ne

  2. Bro I started off watching NFL combine workout videos and somehow got sent to your track vids and now workouts and I can honestly say these are the first ever workout videos that I have watched and liked on youtube lol. I will definitely use your track workout and gym workouts. Very great job man.

  3. Yeah dude you aren't lying. Your resume gave you legitimacy in my eyes and made me stay. The fact that you were a D1 athlete and, no homo, the way you are built. I ran track in high school and would go to states for that and played for FAU. Wish we had a track team there. But I'm just looking to get fit on another level that I have ever been. Your workouts look like they could take me there. So I'm tuned in and looking forward to the next bud.

  4. It's funny how you seem to grimace in pain, its encouraging to know that even people who are fit and in shape feel the pain.

  5. You seem really down to earth, bro. Definitely going to watch more of your videos and give your tips a try.

  6. Hi +Jaret Campisi !! I'm a spriter and a fan of you from Italy 🙂 i would like to know your opinion about the new trend of the plank: i already use them a lot. are they much different from other abs (and lower back) exercises? what do you suggest?

  7. You should do a shirtless abs workout video and seeing you sweat hard and flex as well in your under garments!

  8. hey man great videos can i ask do you have any videos on exercises to help lose belly fat i know alot of it is down to diet just like to see do you have any exercises to help tighten the stomach or loose some fat of it thanks

  9. Thanks a lot Jaret, you explain in detail. I copy all your workout routines and im definitely seeing results in size.

  10. Need a piece of advice sir
    i am following your push pull leg split twice a week, and its giving me good results. before i started to workout i had some fat in lower back (i am sure its not love handles) and some of the fat in my armpits and its still there, should i do some other exercises to get rid of it or should i focus on bulking now and cut the fat all together later ?

  11. Hey Jaret! I really enjoy your videos all the way from Singapore. Im a track athlete who is looking to building toned muscles and getting abs yet also running faster timings. I am interested in your customised diet and training Programme plan and your track Programme as well but I'm not sure if it's possible/or how to combine both of them tgt? 😅

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