Teach The Scientific Method: Fun, Quick And Easy

Join me on to learn how to make teaching fun for learners. Sound proof way to learn and remember the scientific method. If you want to learn the scientific method quickly…do this…Tips for science teachers to help students understand the scientific method. For more teaching tips, my youtube channel is www.youtube.com/AndrewGuySpeaks


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  1. Hi Andrew could u just check my understanding regarding how these two terms "hypothesis" and "postulates" are related to each other that I have stated below:
    While studying atomic theory or doing scientific method study on atomic theory(or on microscopic phenomena), at first step, scientists postulate an idea on atom. Then next, they make a hypothesis on that postulate(or assumption) they have made on atom. They will make a hypothesis like "IF this is our postulate (or assumption) made on atom then this will be the possible consequences". Then through experiments they will test their hypothesis. If the hypothesis fails the experiment then they will change their postulate to form a better hypothesis. At last if the hypothesis pass the experiment then the hypothesis is accepted and will be considered as a theory as long as no further experiment or evidence conflicts the hypothesis. Is this how postulate and hypothesis relate to each other in scientific method study of microscopic situation or phenomena? Please do reply me whether I'm right or wrong in understanding these two terms properly.

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