Android Tablet Hard Reset Methods


Hard reset in Android tablet is process of formatting the tablet. This process will reset the tablet to factory settings. All other Apps and data will be deleted from the tab. Only those file and app will remain that come pre-installed with it.
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  1. Been trying to Fix my grandsons Extreme Play powered by android for two weeks now. It just boots to the XTreme Play screen and nothing, not the pin in the reboot, or any combination with the power and up, or down keys works,

  2. hi having Penta is709c tablet. its dont have volume button, only have power button. Menu , Home, Back button , what will i do , problem having android logo is lay down & yellow triangle is appearing on it .

  3. I have bsnl penta android tablet. its number is WS704DX. its not working.I think that software was corrupt. how re-install the software . I have ISO file for my software . pls help me

  4. How reset irulu tablet I keep pressing reset and reset but it don't reset when I turn it back on

  5. blackmore btl-901 9in PC tablet . I press the power button and the volume down button and it only takes me to the Android guy laying down with a red exclamation mark. and it doesn't take me anywhere from there. I tried everything and it won't work. any suggestions?

  6. Please help with iview 778tpc tab. It has no volume buttons. ..when I perform the press and hold actions the dead Android appears with "No Command" I would like your help..

  7. could you please make a video on resetting micromax p360 funbook… there is no volume button in it… please arise a video on that….

  8. Thanks Man 🙂 I was all over the places trying to learn how to rest my sons HKC Tablet and yours worked…thanks again

  9. I did that, but my tablet wont do anything else other than show the andriod guy and wiping date, formatting data… nothing else?

  10. hi i hope you can help me
    after i made wipe my tab stuck on boot robot animation when i go to recovery mode and adb i get 0123456789abcdef recovery and cat write anythig on # prompt

  11. How can I reset ATHENA8 from MPGIO?I found the keys to the menu, but I can't figure out how to enter the menus, pressing the power button does not work :"(

  12. Thank you sir, I have been so stupid for the past 7 year i never fixed my tablet and now with a brain i have found you THX U SIR

  13. I'm using a DOPO tablet and I enable the onscreen keyboard, click shift and restart it. That enables me to select reset your pic. However, instead of going right to the "Next" screen to start the reset it shuts down, reboots to the "Next" page and now I can't click next 🙁 what do I do?

  14. my tablet is showing that system ui has stopped then i press ok then it says bluetooth has stopped this process repeats again and again i also tried to hard reset it but it doesnt work so plz help me by sharing such a video

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