Paul Ryan: Either Way, A ‘Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Anti-Pelosi Conservative’ Wins PA Election | NBC News

House Speaker Paul Ryan comments on the political platforms at play in the Pennsylvania special election between Conor Lamb and Conor Lamb , and claims President Trump held closed the gap in polling.
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Paul Ryan: Either Way, A ‘Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Anti-Pelosi Conservative’ Wins PA Election | NBC News


23 thoughts on “Paul Ryan: Either Way, A ‘Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Anti-Pelosi Conservative’ Wins PA Election | NBC News”

  1. Put "USA Citizen" checkbox on all official USA identification. How many illegals voted for the Democrat in PA on 3/13/18? Americans no longer trust the rigged voting system in USA. Vote on paper and keep the ballots.

  2. Republicans have got to stop acting as if their house isn't on fire! Sure, they had to turn a blind eye on a lot that Trump did, but they can't continue to pretend they don't see what that decision has cost them. Paul Ryan is the worst. He allowed Trump to berate him and sully their party, and he never said a word! His silence and blind complacency has made the GOP a joke. NOW he emerges from whatever self-harm brothel he's usually in to declare that the special election wasn't a big deal. BS! They got into the mud with Trump and the blue wave is coming for them all! It's a wrap.

  3. Tell yourself whatever it takes to lessen the sting Skippy… by the way, you are next to go.
    Please Mr. Drumpf, go make personal appearances for every Republican running in November 2018… LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  4. If it's really such a non-issue, I wonder why Republicans spent 15 Million dollars for a seat that only exist until November. Must be more of that 4D Chess…

  5. Ryan…go home, run for mayor, and insult and abuse people you have to look at every day. See how that works out for you. The vast majority of us have had it with you.

  6. Paul Ryan is right. In the midst of the Parkland shooting, Lamb is running ads with him shooting an AR-15. Sorry but that is some straight up Tea Party crap…

  7. Conor Lamb stands up for PA working families and so is endorsed by unions fighting for better wages & healthcare. Saccone votes to sabotage PA unions and working families including our miners and steelworkers. Saccone repeatedly voted to allow the use of foreign steel instead of American steel in our public construction projects. A right to work for less, less healthcare and more BS is what we've come to expect from GOP wing men. House Speaker Ryan knew every failed Trumpcare bill republican lawmakers tried to pass in 2017 threatened to leave millions more Americans uninsured, cut Medicaid for disabled children, seniors and veterans to redirect those resources to a wealthy few and was opposed by the overwhelming majority of Americans. Still Ryan announced the GOP would continue to seek more cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. As a nurse I agree with Conor Lamb who said, Its time for Mr. Saccone to stand up and say he opposes the $250-billion dollar cut to Medicare that is in the president's proposed budget right now; but Saccone's record proves Saccone is not on the side of working families and I would never trust Saccone or the GOP to protect the health of my family.

  8. Here is my prediction for the November midterms.
    1. Republicans will lose a few seats in the house but keep the majority.
    2. Republicans will not only keep their senate majority but will actually increase it by at least 4.

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