Router bit storage box. Get organized by making this handy shop project.

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Here’s a useful storage box for your router bits. The removable top tray holds smaller bits and larger bits are stored in the lower tray. More info and free plans:

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50 thoughts on “Router bit storage box. Get organized by making this handy shop project.”

  1. nice project! one time I saw a fisherman with a box just like that, but the upper tray has a paralelogram system that lifts with the lid, just two small tin stripes on the side. love your work, im thinking put aside mechanic work to be a wodworker. cheers

  2. I think that I might have sacrificed two compartments in the top tray by gluing in a block with some finger holes that would make it easier to lift out.- especially since the existing dividers weren't mechanically captured into the rim.

  3. Will be getting one of these not to hold router bits but to hold my fly fishing hooks !! 🙂 thankyou so much 

  4. Do you have 2 kreg jigs? Some videos I see you using the k4 and later one's you using the k5? Did kreg send you the new one too? Which one do you like better? I have the k4 myself, I love it even though it takes time to adjust the clamp toggle thing in the back for different thickness of boards.

  5. this wood make a eexcellent nice little fishing box to and you would have plenty of compartments for lures weight etc.

  6. Hey Steve I really like your videos they helped me a lot. I tried making my own table saw, but ended up amputating the end of my thumb. If you ever hear of any sweepstakes for tools, let me know, I'm a disabled vet on a fixed income. Thanks!

  7. After looking at a dozen ideas for router bit storage, I pick yours! Thanks so much for not just making a bunch of holes in a board. This is easier, safer, and probably will protect the bits better in storage.

  8. Thanks so much for this video Steve. I appreciate the free plans too. I always enjoy and learn something from all of your videos.

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