Women’s Six Pack Abs Workout (ADVANCED ROUTINE!!)


The best womens six pack abs workout can be found in our 90 day fitness and nutrition system

This womens six pack abs workout will help you get sexy defined 6 pack abs. This is your ultimate class for ‘how to get a six pack for women’. If you don’t want just ‘flat abs’ but really want to create visible definition, you need a 6 pack abs workout that gives you a true core challenge. This six pack abs workout for women will deliver!

This 6 pack abs workout for women contains 7 exercises, each of which you’ll do for 15 seconds before moving on to the next. Try not to take any rest between exercises when you’re performing this girls six pack abs workout. If you are a beginner shoot for just 1-2 rounds of this 6 pack abs for women routine. If you are more advanced you can shoot for 3-5 rounds of the six pack abs workout. This is a short advanced abs routine to show you how to get six pack abs, but if you’re looking for a full length womens 6 pack abs workout, check out our complete Athlean-XX for Women program here

Here are the exercises contained in this 6 pack abs workout for women:

1) Elevated Mountain Climbers (15 seconds)
2) Elevated Plank Hops (15 seconds)
3) Slow Bicycles (15 seconds)
4) Fast Bicycles (15 seconds)
5) Flutter Kicks (15 seconds)
6) Heels to the Heavens (15 seconds)
7) V-Up Sit Ups (15 seconds)

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20 thoughts on “Women’s Six Pack Abs Workout (ADVANCED ROUTINE!!)”

  1. Thanks very effective workout.
    Also please make more advanced records for other muscle groups.

  2. enjoy your videos. thank you for actually wearing clothes! I'm so sick of seeing women's breasts and bottoms hang out of their clothes. what's the point?

  3. I want shaped tummy like you…I love your body and I love how you explain and do all exercises…I am a hard gainner..I had my arms,deltoid muscle..but still need to work harder for tummy, leg and glutes…I've been following you for the last 6 months and I always like watching you…thank you amy…:-)

  4. hi amy jo, you are totally awesome and inspire me every time to work out…I do have a question separately. I work out a good amount and woudl love to have arms like you espeically the definition around the triceps like yours. How do I get this please help?,…

  5. I have an injury in my feet . I cann't really do mountain climbers or the second exercise you did . Can you give me an alternative for those ?

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