Why we learn to love spicy food


Next time you’re suffering from a spicy bite, don’t reach for water.

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46 thoughts on “Why we learn to love spicy food”

  1. one time my cousin tried to get me to eat pure capsaicin… i didn’t know it was capsaicin
    thankfully i looked at the bottle before i tried some

  2. one night ago I drank a cup of hot sauce then I woke up in the middle of the night my throat and nose burning

  3. I guess I learned to like spicy food young my parents told me when I was little I always liked any spicy food I tried.

  4. I accidentally sprayed pepper spray on a wooden wall and some of it went to my eye. Boy, it was really hot.

  5. i always push myself farther the highes normal thing ive ever ste was 2.7million- and it wasnt even hot because since its food and not pepper it only tastes like numb idk how to describe it but its good

  6. My mom told me to drink water when I was extremely spiced out…. im like: "WATER DOESN'T HELP A SINGLE BIT!!"

  7. I have a theory that it's not that spicy food that keeps us healthy, but because it's spicy we drink water, and that keeps us hydrated and healthy

  8. I'm so Asian that when the guy said that rice can help with the spiciness, I thought of adding hot sauce to the rice for flavour

  9. I don't even know why I love spice so much, I just know that if I'm not crying when I order spicy food then I'm disappointed

  10. Traditional indian food does not use the hottest chillies like Habari and anything beyond that but it uses a variety of spices like cumin, coriander, asoefetida, timer ic, garlic , ginger, fennel, anise, cardamom…. and the list goes on and on.

  11. Alcohol is by far and away the most effective solvent for capsaicin. I use rubbing alcohol every time I'm chopping chilies

  12. I think Indians use the word spicy a bit differently than westerners, spicy generally means a lot of spices are put in a dish, ie masaledar. Where as the hotness that comes from pepper is known as tikha in Hindi or Jhal in my native tongue, I bet other Indian languages also have names for it, English on the other hand doesn’t.

  13. I moderately enjoy spicy foods, only moderately because I'm sensitive to the spiciness so I need to drink milk every 1 or 2 bites.

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