XHIT: Six Pack Abs


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Get ready to shed some fat and show those abs because today on XHIT we have a workout designed to get you those six pack abs we all want. Grab a yoga mat and follow along as fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise takes you through the full spectrum of core exercises. Let us know how you felt after this workout!

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23 thoughts on “XHIT: Six Pack Abs”

  1. Thank you for ur awesome workout. I wonder how much weight i should use for my back exercises. Thank you

  2. As and older guy (I'm 63) I have used some of Rebecca's ab work outs and combined with a strict diet I have lost 63lbs and gone from a 44" waist to a 32" .
    Ok being honest the chances of me getting a visible six pack is remote as I have too much loose skin from my weight loss and obviously older skin is not as elastic as young skin but my core strength is good and I can feel a very pronounced six pack beneath so this young lady knows her stuff .
    Thanks Rebecca .
    Regards Lee

  3. Hi all! I'm new to comment but I'e been using Xhit work outs for over a year now. Although I just forced myself to at least change up the work outs on Xhit. Bottom line: I have kept my 40 pounds off and I was just measured in my bra size and I've gone from a 40 DD to a 34DD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO FRICKIN HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! I am in a size 6 Levi's and never felt better. I am 51 and just wanted to give anyone encouragement out there that is just starting out. It can be done. Stick to it even on days when you don't want to.

    Thank you XHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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