Ep.12: Receiving Packets – Network Chat Programming

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In this video:
– How to receive packets of data in Java
– Java networking
– The DatagramPacket class
– How to use ports


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12 thoughts on “Ep.12: Receiving Packets – Network Chat Programming”

  1. i would rather see fewer longer episodes than more shorter episodes. the end of this one left me wanting more, and it seemed quite rushed.

  2. hey, great tutorials man. Do have some questions though. You said UDP does not care whether the dta has been transmitted successfully or not, so there is no delay as packets are not resent. But then when you receive data in the socket, you said that socket.receive is like a while loop and it hangs until it receives some data. So, then even if the program doesn't hang while transmitting data, it still can while receiving. What then does UDP achieve over TCP

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