How To Make A Dubstep Beat

In this tutorial I will show you a one possible way to make a Dubstep beat. I’m not an expert in this genre, but I will show you exactly how I made my example beat so this is a very detailed (maybe TOO detailed) and loooong tutorial (70 minutes), so dont get bored… Alternatively, you can just download the .flp project file (or check the non-video versio) on my website:

Note that I’m not allowed to share the samples I used in this tutorial as they were from commercial sample packs so when you open the .flp file, FL Studio will say that some of the samples are missing.. just replace them with your favourite ones.

Also, you need to download and install these free plugins:

Anyway, I hope this tutorial will give you at leat some ideas on how to build Dubstep style beats!


22 thoughts on “How To Make A Dubstep Beat”

  1. Die Skrilex..

    not into this beat at all.

    Real dubstep occurred in Croydon.. then a few places in US made it like theirs… most of yall prolly dont know who Mala, Skream, Commodo or Gantz are… let alone Sleeper or District… Youngsta or N=Type, etc. or what the fuck Dub even is….

    NOw I feel better about myself 😀

  2. I started making music right after watching this video 2 years ago. Though, nothing was making sense to me like reverb compression, side-chaining etc. Thanks for this awesome video!

  3. this video helped me out a lot.. like A LOT.. cuz i usually make trance, trap, house music but i had no idea how to even start a dub-step song like i couldn't even get a drum track down that's how blocked i was. this really helped form and morph the little knowledge i had of dub-step into a song. the video was very long but the small intricate details help morph the sound of dub-step by a long shot that's one thing a lot of other you tubers wont even mention.. i liked that you used 3xosc cuz a lot of people that use fruityloops over look that native plugin it was a great video i applaud to .. (also the 3rd party plugins links don't work any more and was really looking forward to getting those plugins)

  4. That old 3xOsc dubstep is really good actually. Learned a lot from the tutorial, could use some cuts and speed-ups though. An average kid trying to make dubstep won't really watch all that.

  5. I appreciate your work bro but it most likely sounds like elictic guitar and rock music rather than dubstep

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