Front Squat Tutorial |


Juggernaut Weightlifting Head Coach Max Aita and American Record Holder Colin Burns break down some important aspects of the Front Squat.

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34 thoughts on “Front Squat Tutorial |”

  1. Awesome video. I have one question about high bar squat though (they are somewhat similar). During ascent should you keep your knees forward or move them backwards (lock them out) simultaneously with hips? I think keeping knees forward and locking your hips before your knees could cause too much load on your knees and potentially raise risk of injury. What's your point of view on that?

  2. interesting point about the elbows slightly out and down. i've always been trying to get them high as whenever i reach my max weight it feels like the bar is a little forward which upsets my balance and i miss the lift. probably a technique than strength fail

  3. I love your channel. Can we get more stuff from Dr. Quinn? His mobility tips have rescued quite a few of my trainees 🙂

  4. Anyone know what kind of pants/leggings/PeterPan's he's wearing? I have DoYouEven pants, and if i squat or even sit in a chair, my gluteus maximus gets exposed

  5. Any advice for getting into this front rack position or improving mobility generally? Experience quite a lot of pain in the wrists when front squatting, thanks.

  6. Thanks for the information. I had to come back and review the form again because I wasn't quite getting it. My foot positioning and decent seems to be ok, but something about the bar positioning and grip is screwing me up.

  7. Any thoughts on the upper arms having to be parallel to the ground? Is it necessary to achieve it? Because I can never get my arms up that high no matter what I do but for the most part I don't have much issues front squatting other than not being able to fully grip the bar.

  8. I've recently began oly lifting again and FS are obviously a huge tool in that regard. I used to do FS California style, now I'm trying to do them properly but my flexibility sucks. Any tips/stretches to help me on my front rack position? Thanks team. Liked the vid a lot btw

  9. I used to do it like this, until I started getting knee pains so it was brought to my attention I wasn't breaking at the hips first. I duno what to believe anymore!

  10. Hi JTS, I have a problem with initiating the squat with the knees. I am a tall lifter 6 ft and when I initiate the squat with my knees they go well past the my fingers, and I look kinda of a frog. Is there any way to solve this? I have been googling like crazy, but I cannot find an answer

  11. 99% of the people are much better off just doing regular squats. This is not movement for most people. Honestly Olympic weightlifting is so hard on a persons joints its not something a normal person should do.

  12. For powerlifters like myself that rack position seems unnecessary and painful. Gonna continue front squatting ala Dan Greene

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