Things you should never, ever Google


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Google can be very helpful, except when you can’t unsee the results. These are a few things that you probably should not search for.

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31 thoughts on “Things you should never, ever Google”

  1. True story: English is not my native language, so I once googled 'humbler' to see if that's an acceptable word for 'more humble'. Long story short… don't do it!

  2. The only thing I hate is googling something simple like eyes an some nasty fked up shit is somehow tagged or related in the images section

  3. Brazilian girls? You should do a list of things that you should google and put this on it. Does not make sense.

  4. recently i have been not able to watch the last few seconds of each video because you place the next video on the screen so annoying with no "x" so quarter of the screen is covered x(

  5. Cnet.. you need to do something on the coming up videos that popup. When getting to the Bedbug part, we see the "My conversation with an AI sexbot."

    You don't think kids might be watching with parents the things you shouldn't google? Have some common sense with your videos.

  6. “Brazilian girls”, “belly button bugs”, “things people have found in fast food”, “mouth larvae”, “blue waffle”, “bed bugs”.

    You’re welcome

  7. Brazilian girls: Nothing. Why?
    Belly button bugs: Meh. Have you searched "dog ear tick" before?
    All the food-related things: Didn't you know? This is why I do not buy food, unless it is sterilised ones.
    Mouth larvae: This is the series of CG pictures that were famous a few years ago, right. Well, I cannot complain about this one, for I have trypophobia.

    I mean, trypophobia, is a real issue…

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