Complete Beginner’s Guide To Making E-Liquid – DIY Tutorial

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I wanted to make a “remake” of my original DIY E-Liquid tutorial video, but with updated information and graphics. This should answer every question a beginner has about making e-liquid.

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00:16 – Why DIY?
01:50 – Ingredients
04:14 – Recipe & Percentages
05:48 – Ratios
06:51 – Nicotine
08:46 – Volume Vs. Weight
09:52 – Mixing By Weight
10:51 – Calculators
12:17 – Mixing Demonstration
15:41 – Steeping
17:56 – Storing Your Ingredients
20:49 – How Is A Recipe Created?
21:16 – Flavor Notes
24:02 – Recipe Creation
29:08 – Cost Breakdown
31:32 – General Tips & FAQ


50 thoughts on “Complete Beginner’s Guide To Making E-Liquid – DIY Tutorial”

  1. Thanks for all the detailed knowledge …im just getting back into vaping and realizing how expenaive it is with all these sub ohm devices that guzzle juice so eventually one day i would like to try making my own…a girl i knowndid it and jt seemed pretty easy but she did it by volume but as u say i would like to do it by weight im just confised as to where to get the scale and all the supplies such as ur nicotine vg pg and flavorings if u could explain that would b great

  2. If it happens that the FDA will make flavored eJuice illegal, we that like the flavors might have to create our own, so this is good info. I don't want to DIY, but I might have to. I started vaping to quit cigs and haven't smoked tobacco in 4 yrs.

  3. thank you for this amazing video. you have really helped me a lot!!!  the math and different vg/pg mixes have me a little confused. lets say I was using premix vg/pg of 50/50 in a 30ml bottle or 50ml bottle then what would be the flavoring percentage then? this is where I get lost!!!  can anyone please help me? thank you

  4. Can we please have approvalt to do voiceover versions in different languages while still referring to the original ?

  5. info on acetoin and acetyl propionyl would be nice along with flavor substitute solution such as usually a v2 flavor most of the time is acetoin free

  6. So wait, if I use 10% flavour and use a 70 30 blend shouldn’t that equal 110 % which would be more than the bottle of the bottle is 100 % plus nicotine and extra pg or vg in the flavouring, so how do I do that, kinda confused

  7. I bought a vape since i didnt want to smoke because of my health, but i dont want to spend alot of money on all the liqudis for the vape so i hope this will be helpful :]

  8. On preserving nicotine, you can flush out the oxygen trapped in the bottle with inert gas (argon would work best). This is an inexpensive and effective way to ensure that oxidation is kept to a bare minimum

  9. Dude, I don't know you, but I know this must have taken tons of time to make. I recently started vaping not because I was addicted to cigs. I've never smoked so I don't know the struggles. I started because I had a friend make me try a caramel hazelnut coffee flavor he made himself. It blew my mind that you could make something taste so delicious and vape it lol. This will definitely help me in experimenting and come up with different flavors so all I can say for this goldmine is thank you. This is much appreciated.

  10. Watching this just made me not want to vape because of the hard work it is to make it. Premium juices are expensive… hmm

  11. Thank you so much I'm glad I came across this video screw going to The Vapor Shop in spending $9 for 10 milliliter bottles of Premium e-juice. Never realized how much I was getting ripped off

  12. I use Fogg Terpene to get some extra flavor 1drop per 1ml. Use coupon code JSTAR15 on their site and save 15% best flavor yet is jack herrer but all are good.

  13. Premium juices as expensive as smoking? LOL. That's cute..
    Sure, when, in the United States, you were paying $6 a pack while in Australia we were paying $16 (based on a pack of Marlboro Reds in 2014).

    Still, yeah, readymade liquids are expensive. Mixing my own is something I'll definitely check out in the future if I stick with vaping.

    Excellent informative videos on this channel. Would be great if you made more. Regardless, it's still very much aporeciated.

  14. Awesome…u made it so easy for me.
    I wish you could have helped me with my studies, I would have scored better numbers than my geeks classmates..
    Thanks and keep updating me with new trends.

  15. Awesome video, awesome instructional video I mean. I’m in instructor myself and this was very well done kudos to you, thank you and looking forward to more of your videos and instruction as I’m just getting into DIY, thanks again have a great day !

  16. Problem is that they banned nicotine so if you want it, you have to find someone who has stocked nicotine before the laws and then buy it from them about 5 – 10 more they originally paid for it and this is in Finland.

  17. I’m planning on using two separate flavours one is cinnamon and the other is vanilla both are flavoured extracts using vodka as the base would the alcohol cause a problem with vaping?

  18. Here's a simple recipe I made from watching this video:

    Vanilla e-juice

    80% + 20% warm water

    Put them both in a container and shake and let it sit for around 5 mins

    Add your flavor concentrate (I'm using vanilla flavor) about 2-3 good drops of it

    Shake the bottle/container after and let it sit for about 10-20 mins and you're done

    Happy Vaping:)

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