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I take a look at Sony’s successor to the DSC-HX200, the DSC-HX300. This camera adds a massive 50x optical zoom and a few new welcomed features that will satisfy nearly any type of photographer. Keep watching to see what I think about this camera.

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B U S I N E S S :


Gear used to film this video:
– Sony a99 (
– Carl Zeiss 24-70mm F2.8 SSM (
– Sony UWP-V1


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40 thoughts on “Sony DSC-HX300 Review | John Sison”

  1. Does anybody know how to clean the sensor in this camera? Have not been able to find any info on how to do it. I love mine ,but have developed a dark spot and it's not externally caused. Looks like I have a dirty sensor problem .
    Thanks much guys !

  2. I have the camera too.😊 And im very happy with this cam👍 It's a good cam for beginners😉

  3. Thanx so much for doing this video….I've always used Sony cameras, its time for an upgrade…..Your video was very helpful and didn't put me to sleep like some camera films……have subscribed and will defo recommend your page to photography & film making freinds.

  4. i am going to photograph my art from really upclose, i just need really high resolution photos. Do you think this camera is ok for it? Thank you for comprehensive review.

  5. Hey I like yo tutorial video n It was very helpful a hold lot. n I was wondering is the Sony dsc – h300 cyber shot camera is it a good camera to start out doing professional photography with. Please n thank u

  6. Please tell me does it have 60fps at Full HD? I searched specs but it sais there 60p i dont know what is that. So is it 60fps in video mode?

  7. Guys i need some help i have this camera already but the viewfinder is not working its so blurry.😭
    Please help

  8. I have this camera.. but don't know anything about photography. Where can I learn the basics.. plz suggest

  9. Hej John i need you help. i am going to buy a camera but i have to chose btwn hx300 or A58 what do you think which one should i buy?

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