Marco Rubio Reaffirms Pro-Life Stance | Meet The Press | NBC News

Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio explains his stance on abortion.
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Marco Rubio Reaffirms Pro-Life Stance | Meet The Press | NBC News


11 thoughts on “Marco Rubio Reaffirms Pro-Life Stance | Meet The Press | NBC News”

  1. a reporter my listeners and viewers ,want to know if elected would you allow cable boxes that record what you say keyword actavited ,,smart tv,s that have built in cameras mic,,voice recognition national security letters, smart meter data, the drones over America that us RF to see inside you're house similar to acoustical holegorghy ,police radar portable or fixed in a vehicle   ,flir cameras in airplanes and choppers, surveillance cameras on blimps, passenger jets like the ones on Northrup Grumman's web site, rfid chips in pass ports ,car keys ,military clothing ect, surveillance drones that look like birds, police cameras on light poles, intersections , cars with built in tracking systems, hidden voice recorders like the ones in light poles, the use of sting ray cellphone  data, like the ones the new port Richey FL police dep. uses  and do you think its ok that the fbi would make them promise not to tell any one about them suppressing the first addminment .snake cameras, proximity detection, the use of Wi-Fi as echo location, spy satellites that watch you from space and facial recognition, the use of RF metal detection devices, micro watch and pen camera's like the ones on eBay that sell for $20 -$30 ect , Would you allow such devices with or with out a warrant do you feel the use of said devices is braking the 4th and an act of  subversion of government, or considered an attempt to over throw the government                       
    18 U.S. Code § 2385 – Advocating overthrow of Government ?
    and would you consider listening on one cellphone voyeurism especially when used while having sex .Or the use of cellphones gps to track you.  And do you feel an American has a right to any privacy at all ? Also whats youre opinion of the over 640 gitmo prisoners said to be the worlds most dangerous crimnils that were just released and would  you allow Muslim payer to continue in the house of repersentivesi ? and if elected would you seek to increate Obama for the folks he admired to torturing   as seen on the john Oliver show ?

  2. Marco Rubio does not err on the side of life when it comes to corporations, the living victims of forced birth, or forced torture, and rectal feeding, or the families born to the impoverished, and the children they already have. Or what corporations do to health and the environment, fracking, food pollution, cancerous ingredients in water, the air, or war . All this despotic human being thinks about is whether he can fight his war on pot or not and maintain the shadow of ignorance, the evangelism that has taken over Washington, with the Good old boys controlling the Republican party .

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