V-Strom 250/ABS official promotional movie


The new V-Strom 250/ABS is equally at home in city traffic as it is on the open road when touring.
Featuring a comfortable riding position and enabling riders to firmly reach the ground with their feet, this new model also delivers plenty of power and easy to control low- to mid-range torque.
Standard options such as a top and side carrying cases are also available to add greater convenience and utility, both for daily use and for long distance touring.


28 thoughts on “V-Strom 250/ABS official promotional movie”

  1. So the red line is in 10500 RPM, that mean the six gear will be longer than the six gear of the inazuma? (Inazuma's red line is at 11000 RPM)

  2. Who the hell would tour on a 250? I took a cross country trip on my DL650 with about 200 lbs of gear; and i had tractor trailors passing me! They should leave 250s in their dirtbikes!

  3. Wow looks pretty good… I had F800 but for me it was too large as I'm shorter than white people. This size of tourer is what I was looking for.

  4. Se ve linda y cómoda, pero ese faro delantero no le va. debería ser menos retro para el estilo y línea. Cámbienlo por favor.

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