Canon EOS Rebel T4i Review | Canon 650D Review | + Picture and Video Test


This is a video of the Canon EOS Rebel T4i Review / Canon EOS Rebel 650D Review. Our review of the Canon t4i focuses Canon T4i’s features. Amazon Link to the Canon T4i:

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The Canon T4i is camera that takes excellent pictures and Video. However, the Canon T4i’s autofocus is pretty slow and this is the T4i’s biggest drawback.

Here are some things to consider when buying a Canon Rebel T4i/650D:

Stunning Images and Video: As with other Canon DSLRs the vivid colors and crisp images make every penny you pay for this camera worth it. You can take images in both 18 Mega-pixel JPEG and 18 Mega-pixel RAW. The RAW is mostly for folks with access to some higher-end photo editing software, while the JPEG formats work better for the average consumer.

Manual Focus for Video: The auto-focus on the T4i is painfully slow for video. So if you are upgrading from a camcorder, you might wan’t get some practice shooting with the Manual focus ring on the T4i. However, due to some firmware updates, the auto-focus for still images has improved and is now usable.

The Infamous Noise: As with other Canon DSLRs there is some background noise when you connect external microphones to the camera. Now, if your mic has a way of adjusting the gain internally, you can set the gain on the Camera manually to the lowest usable setting and then set the gain on your mic up as high as possible, to reduce the impact of this noise.

Touch-screen Worthy of the iPhone Age: The T4i has an extremely responsive touchscreen. This makes changing the settings on the camera a total breeze. The menu is very well laid out and the screen rotates and flips for added convenience.

Rugged Build Quality: Like other Canon DSLRs, the Canon T4i means business. It is build solidly and is suited for the professional environment. This review was done with the latest firmware update.


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  1. the in-built mic on the T4i is not very good. Now, if you are recording audio separately and combining it in post-production, then its not an issue. If you need to use a on-board mic, consider a microphone like the Rode Videomic Pro which has a gain setting of about +20dB. Then make sure to set the audio levels on the T4i as low as possible to produce the best quality sound. Hope that helps. So do you broadcast on BTV?

  2. Thanx a lot. I have a separate Sennhisser mic which I have been using with my Sony. Yes I have done a couple of music videos which aired on Flava Dome Programme (BTV). Been scripting a short film & I want to shoot it sometimes next year. I want an HD product & unfortunately my Sony is not HD, but its good though.

  3. Good luck with the film. The T4i is very good for shooting films. Try and record the audio separately if you can and then sync it in post. Thanks for watching.

  4. Brilliant review! Would you say that this camera is suitable as an entry level dslr, coming from a bridge camera? Thanks for the review 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for this camera review. I was not very sure of best camera for video shots. It's obvious to me the camera to go for. Can this camera record up to 3-4 hours video clip non stop if I have bigger memory card size that would contain the video clip.

  6. I have this camera and when I'm in video and it's on auto focus it makes sound while recording. I seen in your video that it didn't when it was focusing why is that? I want to make videos and show things close up but I don't want to have to put it on manual

  7. This video is Spectacular!  Thank you so much for teaching each portion in detail & giving a review.  I'm $aving up for this camera & now I can truly say I've made the right choice. 
    Learnt so much, thanks again! 
    -Enjoy the cam!

  8. Thanks for this review. I have had this camera for over a year now n i have not been able to use it bc IDK how to set it up. Idk even kn how to use it.

  9. hello.

    which is the best camera for video shooting?
    Powershot G16, S120, Canon EOS 650D, Nikon D3200,…?

  10. Hi.
    I'm looking at DSLRs. I'm looking on Amazon for used cameras, and I currently have a 28-135 mm Canon lens and 2 18-55mms, but I'm wondering if I should get the T3i or T4i. Which would you recommend for video shooting and nature photography?

  11. I want to buy professional camera. my budget is $700. should I go for Canon or Nikon. I only want to buy one camera forever. which model should I buy ??

  12. I want to buy a canon dslr that can shoot good video more than photo. Which type of canon do you recommend? I see there are 650D~700D or 80D etc.. My budget is around 600~700 for camera body. Thank you!

  13. I have a 350 budget…I think I am going to purchase this camera, but I will not have a lens…what is the cheapest lens that allow auto focus…or can you recommend a camera that has auto focus in video mode and that is good for astro photagraphy

  14. is there any sensor on viewfinder to turn of disply while looking into the viewfinder? otherwise my nose might touch the screen and change something.

  15. Hi very informative video….One question. What is the solution to reduce the camera lens focusing voice. I make blogs and the camera noise is too aloud in the clips. Now because of this reason I am not using it anymore!! Any suggestion for reducing the lens close up nice?? You can hear this sound at 08:31 in your own clip.

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