How to Stop Car Windows Steaming Up

Fed up finding your car is damp with fogged up windows in the morning? Here’s a handy tip to help. Fogged up windows is a result of moisture in the car, so if you can absorb it, you should cure the problem. This simple to follow video guide should help.

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45 thoughts on “How to Stop Car Windows Steaming Up”

  1. do not put the sock thing under the driver seat because if that rolls over the gas pedal, VROOOOOOOM!!! crash or you might just blow up your engine if it rolls over the clutch

  2. Will Wool socks work? I️know that they dry easily, so I️ wanna make sure that’s not a factor. I️ just have a few pair and they’d hold quite a bit of litter.

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  4. You could have just used silica gel packs you get from sneaker boxes. They are already closed. Just put under the seat.

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