Self-teaching SFX Makeup: Learning Resources, Tips

In this video I will share some learning resources and tips that have helped me while learning special effects makeup.

Learning Resources


Stuart Bray I

Brick in the Yard I


Nimba Creations I

Rick Baker I

Goldie Starling I

Madeyewlook I

Powdah I

Klaire De Lys Art: I


Special Effects, Prosthetic Make-up Effects and All Things Practical I

Neill Gorton’s Make-up FX 911 I



Todd Debreceni’s Special Makeup Effects for Stage and Screen: Making and Applying Prosthetics. I have the second edition version I

Monstrous Makeup Manual 1 & 2 I



Spectacular Sculpt Gel I

Neill Gorton I

Stan Winston School of Character Arts I



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49 thoughts on “Self-teaching SFX Makeup: Learning Resources, Tips”

  1. Thank you this is really helpful especially for beginners, also I love your eye make up in this omg

  2. So helpful! I think you promoting health and safety is so important! I have seen a lot of people mess up their eyes from bad contacts! Thank you!

  3. I always see the effect that people do with a pencil through the nose, but they actually put half of the pencil up the nose and it's just not safe at all, if they fell the pencil would actually go up their nose and that would be ironic… and dangerous.

  4. so helpful really will looks at these:) did u see my facebook message by any chance haha? 🙂 great video as always

  5. Thank you so much for posting this video! I've been trying to self teach myself sfx makeup for a little bit now and this video was so helpful and informative. Looking forward to using some of these references to help make me a better artist.

  6. Oh my god, thank you SO BLOODY much for this video! Its so Informative and gave me awesome resources I can learn from. I never thought about going on forums or making makeup friends.. Thank you, absolutely love this video and defs took in everything you said. 😊

  7. Nice,I agree . we learn ,learn , learn  every day about  this . nice Video   greetings from  germany   From TSZ Horrors.

  8. Thank you this video is amazing.
    Have heard of some of these before and I think I found your work on the facebook special effect page 🙂

  9. thank you!!!! awesome 🙂 a lot of good info!! thanks, I'm starting with this kind of makeup 🙂 so it's really helpful!!

  10. Yay for self taught SFX artists. Some of the best work I've seen are from self taught artists. Edit: And doing it safely has been a huge lesson too.

  11. I love your teeth! Not being a creep lol great info! I'm about to start this journey! Thank you!!

  12. thank you so much for this video, this is really my passion, and I've been struggling with my overall technique it feels like, you know, practice make almost perfect…. but i really appreciate all the resources you listed! and of course, i really appreciate all your videos 🙂

  13. I watched a video before this by ellimacs and they used a real pair of scissors on someone's eye and I dont think I'll be trying that any time soon

  14. just found you accidentally thru google was trying to find out how to use spirit gum and then I find your channel .. funny the after seeing 3 of your other videos the first question I was going to as was are you self taught and then I find this video .. awesome thanks for sharing your story… I only know makeup and have really been wanting to know how to do FX but school is so expensive…. so learning on my own is so important right now..

  15. I love how you emphasize health,safety, and hygiene 🙂 It's something that can really be applied to all aspects of life. I work in the food industry so when I see people doing or using things that I'm not allowed to use in the work place and wouldn't do at home I just cringe.

  16. Thank you for all the links, I did go to film school and I've been contemplating returning for special effects makeup. Now, I think I'll just learn it on my own. I appreciate all you do and look forward to more tutorials. Thank you. Are you in the States?

  17. Thabk you for this video!! I'm 15 and have reccently gotten extremely interested in sfx makeup 😊 this is really informative.

  18. I'm wanting to self teach sfx makeup the videos really help, I am already a qualified makeup artist but what to expand and learn and be creative, any other advice that you think I may need? I love your work x

  19. Not gonna lie, I subscribed when you mentioned the contact lenses. I work in optics and I have a nerd heart attack everytime I see these women on YouTube buy and use random coloured contacts online. Great and informative videos!

  20. Love the video. I've been interested in this for a long time, though I've not had the chance to really play with product and test things so far. Brick in the Yard and Goldiestarling are two of the first resources I stumbled into and I took a look at some of the other resources you noted here and I just want to say that this is amazing. Thank you for putting this together.

  21. There are several components to how to become a makeup professional . One resource I found which succeeds in merging these is the Bloom Blueprint Crusher (check it out on google) definately the most helpful guide that I have ever heard of.look at the great information .

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