LifeTime Fitness Cardio Kickboxing Class


This is a fun and high energy cardio kickboxing class


22 thoughts on “LifeTime Fitness Cardio Kickboxing Class”

  1. Great workout! I am an instructor and will be teaching kickboxing (new format to me). What is your bpm for the music playing?

  2. omg, I'm obsessed with your workouts! I'm in great shape and into extreme sports, yet I was exhausted! Thank you

  3. I’m Sooooo sorry, BUT the woman in pink has got to go!! Lady PLEASE stay in the back next time!!! You’re throwing my rhythm all the way off!!!

  4. You sir, are a machine! Give me your energy! LOL. WOW you maintained such great energy all the way until the end!!! Excellent excellent workout!

  5. When I say, I found my joy, peace, and happiness when I discovered this video. This reminded me of the class I used to take in Miami at my old fitness center. I am definitely subscribing to this channel. I work from home, so my lunch breaks are going to be awesome. Thank you so much for creating this video

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