Steve Cook & Rob Riches Training Biceps Together


Learn from two of the biggest names in Fitness, Rob Riches & Steve Cook, as they team up to share their arm workout. → Subscribe here and get Rob’s full Training Guide:

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Rob Riches is a UK-born fitness cover model, athlete and competitor, making videos to help inspire, motivate and educate those looking to build a fitter, stronger & healthier body. He is a published author with a book about macro-nutrition (called Ultra Lean), and regular writes columns for Muscle & Fitness.


49 thoughts on “Steve Cook & Rob Riches Training Biceps Together”

  1. So I'm doing a 6 day workout. Day one is Shoulders/legs day two is biceps/back and day three is chest/triceps, I take a day off and then repeat. Is this enough time to let muscles heal? Each group has plenty or hours of rest I think, just curious

  2. So these dudes are reaonably low gear users. Reasonable amount of meat, but not monsters. Can never understand what the point in using gear, etc, is to be reasonably big. Potentially fucking your health later down the line for a bit more muscle than a natural.

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  4. Let me see, do i want to do 30 reps of each set and keep it to 30 seconds or no rest periods. Also to do these kind of workouts that fit into that regime and the fact they are just making up a gym day… hmm, no, not on gear and I care about my body. ok then.. done here..

  5. I've been tryin everything to build my arms up, and none of it seems to work (diet, workouts, supplements). I'm only 15 tho, so maybe it's just my age, but I'm currently in really good physical shape for my age. But I just can't get my arms to bigger

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