Youtube Prankster EpicFiveTV Trolled An Armed Suspected Criminal

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Youtube Prankster EpicFiveTV Trolled An Armed Suspected Criminal
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Holding Strangers Hands In Las Vegas! :

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41 thoughts on “Youtube Prankster EpicFiveTV Trolled An Armed Suspected Criminal”

  1. That struggle with the cop looked suspect….where did all the people go? And why did the criminal have a chance to grab the gun…should of been six warning shots into the criminal back already….smh

  2. You Are Not A Judge. You Are Not A Jury. You Are Not A Lawyer. And The Only Evidence You Have Is HearSay From A Biased Media… You Don't Know If This Guy Is Guilty… You Don't Know Shit… How About You Shut Your Mouth And Stop Trying To Make A Nickle Off Of Someone Elses Misfortune?…Scrub.

  3. Seriously, who the fuck tries to rob an animal hospital ?? That motherfucker needs to get the shit punched out of him.

  4. Who the fuck cares? So what he trolled an armed robber he's propably trolled other criminals too but who gives a fuck really..

  5. If you think this is the first tie Ruben has trolled a criminal you would be wrong…remember, he has trolled drug dealers, prostitutes and most dangerous of all, fake pranksters…yes, shout out to you Vitaly, you fake as fuck,

  6. Lol i literally watched that video like 3 videos before clicking on this one and as soon as saw that guy i thought "shit be careful fucking with that guy he's clearly pretty crazy" which i based purely on his appearance and facial expressions. Nice to see my speculation confirmed as accurate although i assume many of you must have also noticed something off about him (obviously the hat, hair and facial expressions).

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