Flat Abs & Toned Thighs Workout | Hot Body HIIT


Why work just one, when you can do both!? Get ready to flatten out your stomach & tone those pesky thighs. It’s HIIT time!

Check out my friend Brett’s amazing stretch video!

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50 thoughts on “Flat Abs & Toned Thighs Workout | Hot Body HIIT”

  1. Wowza that was tough… but so awesome!! Exactly what I needed with the holidays coming up — will definitely be doing this while traveling next week!

  2. this is a genuine question not being sarcastic or anything but how do you end up liking to work out..I joined a gym years ago…let it go because it felt more like a chore than anything…how can I very myself to like it? because I always have the desire to be fit but I can't get myself to do it because like I said it feels like a chore….how do you get over that

  3. Oh ma gawd that was intense. I loved the elephant trunk move, it was just fun haha but i still felt it. The rest of the moves kicked my a$$ 😛

  4. 💪🏻 I am new here to your channel but not to exercise. I'm not at your fitness level or your age (46) but I have changed the way I workout in 2016 to add more strength elements and not just repetitive motion cardio aka the treadmill. 😜 I just did this workout and I really liked it. I have lots of room for improving my fitness using your channel. Looking forward to working out with you in 2017. Thank you!

  5. Oh crap. It's been too long since I've done your workouts. Murdered after one but am still pushing through for three more rounds.

    Two done

    Three 😫

    And DONE

  6. killer workout, i barely made it through round three (this is my first time making it passed round two. yay!). I need to take a long break before i hit round 4.

  7. I did this workout and then the yoga by brett and i felt amazing, i love her video thanks so much! im going to make sure to do more yoga this year!

  8. you're so motivating! i play select basketball and i am busy most of the time. in my free time i love watching your videos (and trying them out) it makes me feel so amazing afterwards! thank you! you are one of my favorites on youtube and so inspirational! 💜

  9. do you have any tips for the muscle soreness that comes from exercise. I don't mind exercising until I get muscle soreness the next day and I never wanna exercise again

  10. Every time I try to do a HIIT workout I fail! I can never go fast enough. I feel super uncoordinated to go fast without hurting myself. I end up quitting immediately because it feels so scary! Any tips or advice would really be appreciated!

  11. Love Sweat Fitness, does the age matter? i'm 13 lol kinda trying to lose some weight. also you seem so motivating! i love your workouts and will be using them along with others too😊

  12. I came here after ddoing POP Pilates with Cassey, and was going to Brett Larkin for yoga when she suggested this video, after the other videos this one kil,ed me lol. I had to do it though. New subby to your channel!:)

  13. 💪💪
    This was an amazing workout! Sadly I was only able to do it 2 times but I did the bikini ab ladder before doing this one ☺☺ I'm amazed at how far I've came in a week all thanks to your workouts!! THANK YOU KATIE!!

  14. You make it look so easy!!!! Tried the work out today and nearly died, but felt really good afterwards!!! Thanks for the video!!!

  15. after several of your quick workouts i decided to try the 14 days challenge. well…. that's a heck of a start. sweating like hell! thanks for the great videos!

  16. Whoa… I am a beginner and this is not for beginners. I made it through 1 round. Had to stop during the mnt climbers because my shoe came off and that rolling thing is def made for skinny people. I'm gunna try and push through 1 more round though at least. Can you list 2 workouts on the weekly guide… like 1 for pros and 1 for beginners. I'd say someone who weighs 179 lbs and can't do mountain climbers or jumping squats or any moves like that within peeing themselves (thanks to child birth) needs a different option lol.

  17. I'd love to see an upper abs workout!! I can see my obliques fairly well, but 2 of my problem areas are my upper and lower abs. You've got some great lower abs videos!!

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