Fake Rat Prank

new york prank

Went to New York and shot this with Adam the Jew.

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33 thoughts on “Fake Rat Prank”

  1. Make more craigslist them sobs are too funny I can't get any work done for shit cause I be watching those all day long. 🐢💨 Q.Tucker

  2. Bruhh! I was not prepared for 1:50! You made me.spit my ice cream on.my phone inhale right afterwards and choke on it and cry from.laughter!!! You hurt him!! I'm done!!

  3. Hand rat ftw!!!! Hey you gotta carry around water like a drink dip your fingers in it and sneeze on pple while your fling your fingers and make the noise lol pple freak the fk out dude comon

  4. ED BASSMASTER – i would like to see longer videos of ANYTHING! Maybe some zombie pranks, or getting people to run screaming! Scary stuff!

  5. You Alright Mister.? You dont need any help do ya ? That guy reminds me of 1 flew over the coo coo's nest. If you never saw it and u like Eds humor , watch it

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