Surface Laptop review: Microsoft takes on the Air


Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop is thin, beautiful, and pretty powerful. Will the fabric on the laptop deck hold up? Does Windows 10 S really have all the apps you need? Subscribe:

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49 thoughts on “Surface Laptop review: Microsoft takes on the Air”

  1. The hammer on a gun goes down but also comes back up (unless it's single action). The reason people make their hand-guns go up/back is because of the recoil.

  2. No thunderbolt and usb c? Ok Microsoft. How stupid are you guys? Ya should fire whoever convince you to go this route. Option are good. No options are bad.

  3. iFixit gave it 0/10 for repairability. Just watch the vid:

    Totally disposable after you lose warranty or even if you need a battery change. What a joke!

  4. The reason Microsoft reasoned they don't need USB-C is that they want you to have a reason to buy the Surface Laptop 2

  5. i thought this was a comercial for this laptop when until i heard all of his opinions this is very expensive im good with the $200 acer ive had i think as long as you take good care of your stuff it will last you the years you need it to

  6. Great review. I like your ending regarding the use of guns. If you want to know how tactical military personnel practice and/or mimic using a pistol, look up the “combat grip” and imagine no pistol in the holder’s hand. There is no finger-pointing in real life. The dominant hand will be holding the pistol grip, with the weak (or support) hand providing support. Your arms will be extended pointed at the target with your finger around a simulated trigger as we have a simulated bad guy in our sights. When you pull the trigger, you will raise your arms slightly up and at an angle to simulate the recoil of the weapon.If there were no bad guy, the trigger pulling finger would be straight and off the trigger with the weapon on safe.

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