Jogging Stroller Mile Run in 4 minutes 23 secs


This is a 1 mile time-trial using a BOB REVOLUTION Jogging stroller. The final time was 4:23. The course is a winding greenway trail in Davidson NC with normal pedestrian traffic. The terrain is predominately flat with one minor hill. Our idea was to simulate a real world scenario to demonstrate the durability and maneuverability of the BOB stroller even at such high speeds. The video features Two-Time Track and Field Olympian Anthony Famiglietti using his own personal daily use BOB REVOLUTION Stroller. The weight vest with additional weights were used to safely simulate the weight of his one year old son.

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34 thoughts on “Jogging Stroller Mile Run in 4 minutes 23 secs”

  1. Fucking awesome! I recently started running a month ago and would never see myself running that fast anytime soon. Keep up the good work!

  2. As a mother, this is the story of my life! hahaha Sometimes not by choice, just by necessity for catching the bus in Toronto!

  3. Anthony can kick my ass in a race while taking his kid for a stroll..PMSL…lovely place to run too and props to Anthony and crew for recording this epic mile…always need motivation for my own running and that was insane..well done guys and thanks!

  4. Nice run! To simulate real world conditions, Sponge Bob needs to toss some important things (like his shoes and socks) out of the stroller from time to time.

  5. I thought this was really impressive until I saw that long downhill, none the less still very hard to be having to push something and only getting movement from one arm at a time

  6. It would be easy Dr to run with stroller because of the bar like with a treadmill if you hold on to bar it's easyer

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