Shadow-Boxing Workout For Seriously Toned Abs & Arms


Got 10 minutes to spare? That — along with one-to-three-pound weights and some on-trend all-white workout gear — is all you need to master the quick and precise boxing movements that will help you achieve next-level arms and abs. Follow along with the video above as fitness trainer and all-around girl crush Olivia Amato takes us through her workout.

We’ve partnered with Victoria’s Secret to help you get fit — and look good doing it — for the season ahead.

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26 thoughts on “Shadow-Boxing Workout For Seriously Toned Abs & Arms”

  1. So pleasant viewing her videos. Perfect form too. People, notice how she's here to TEACH, & NOT to show off her body parts like other so-called fitness models on Utube… Keep it up Ms. You command RESPECT…

  2. This was great! I didn't have 3 pound weights, so I did use my 5 pounds but took things at a slower pace or did without, while still getting a pretty good work out. Awesome!

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