Tips for learning how to bodypaint – Alex Pardee inspired look

A night of playing in paint, as voted for on twitter, led to a good opportunity to go over some tips and advice that I’ve found helpful when wanting to get more comfortable with body painting. Hope this helps some of you guys do a little organized chaos!

If you wanna see the AWESOMENESS that is Alex Pardee (his art is way cooler than my bodypaint recreation could EVUH be so if you like what I did- do yaself a favor and go look at his stuff) :

**PS. I do not mention what brand of paints I’m using here because I have yet to find a brand of aquapaints I would be comfortable promoting and recommending. I will update on this when I find a brand that I like!**
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32 thoughts on “Tips for learning how to bodypaint – Alex Pardee inspired look”

  1. Could you do a sugar skull tutorial? I think it would be cool seeing what you ( THE QUEEN ) would do with the concept

  2. so, in conjunction with your "how to make a heart" video, would you ever make a brain? Watching this video made me think instantly of Edy (eddy?) from Iron maiden…well, and several of their album covers. I think they'd make a good addition to the zombae playlist.

  3. 2:57 "Some of the best art is extreme photo-realism but some of it is also unbounded creativity and neither is better than the other."
    – Mykie 2015

    I love this quote, especially as an art student 😀

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