Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera vs LG G6 vs Google Pixel!


Camera Comparison test between the Samsung Galaxy S8, the LG G6 and the Google Pixel! Which phone camera do you think does the best?
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49 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera vs LG G6 vs Google Pixel!”

  1. Maybe someone can help me. I was looking for a new phone for my wife. The LG G6 and V20 interested me the most.

    I opted for the V20. She likes the whole phone, just not the front camera. And that's the most important for her. She makes wonderful selfies on the G4. That does not work on the V20. The angle is strange, the distance always too big and colors do not fit. We always set a few hue lamps to pink in the evening. My V10 and the G4 remove the pink from the selfie and make the picture better. I also noticed that the pictures are not so good. The V20 makes the face much rounder. I can not give her my V10 because my display burns in (ghosting). That was one of the problems with the G4. And she is a power user.
    Is the G6 in this case the better choice?

  2. Thank you for a great review! The comparisons made it easy for me to decide which phone to buy. Since I'm a YouTuber too and need the front camera for some behind the scenes shootings, I'll go for the S8+.

  3. Raw image quality is probably best on pixel, but I would rather use the LG g6 because damn, that wide angle lens is so usefull. I would rather have a wide angle as secondary than zoom or anything else.

  4. Wow this was such a GREAT video and review…im de ating on if the money is worth it for the s8 or s9 or if i should save a little and go with the LG6…its a tough one i thought the 5mp front camera would be WAY worse on the LG6 but it wasnt too bad…
    Ahhhhb i am so torn…i want to know whats the best phone for doing vlogging and even beauty videos so i feel like i will need a good front camera u know and i can spend the money but i really really should be saving it and spending as little as possible…any ideas??? Anyone???

  5. Hi Krystall. You are sooooo beautiful and you conduct the videos gracefully and in a great manner. I am quite impressed. Keep the good work up and all the best for the future endeavors. 😍😘

  6. The Pixel kills any smartphone on the market when it comes to photography. Damn, just look at those details in the hair, the skin tones, the dynamic in the sky. If you know nothing about photography maybe you will comment "naaaah the G6 is bettteeer". But nope. It's not. But it remains a great camera also.

  7. This is really important, and i am so angry that reviewers NEVER take a picture of people indoors with flashlight. However, G6 has amazing camera, but it has a HUGE issue. When you want to take a pic of your friends, they are going to look so yellow, totally unusable photos indoors trust me please, don't make my mistake. I hade G6 and sold it after 2 weeks. I used S8 also, and it is the best of 3 if you want reliable camera in ALL (i mean ALL) conditions. Pixel is also amazing but S8 is just a little bit better. Goodluck, don't make my mistakes guys.

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