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Pulled coronation chicken makes the most versatile lunch. It’s the perfect filling for baguettes, sandwiches and jacket potatoes so you can make plenty for the week. This recipe will also help you practice your knife skills and poaching tekkers.

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41 thoughts on “Pulled Chicken Sandwich Recipe | Now Cook It”

  1. This is the type of video I subbed to SORTED for. These latest videos almost had me unsubbing. I want cooking, not a talk show.

  2. Hi guys, I must tell you I miss old style videos like this one, but unlike some intolerant people I know you have to try new things in order to keep making food easy, accesible and entertaining to everyone, I would sugestión since there are two videos per week make one in this style, simple and focused ok the food and the other one make It show how hilarious and fun can food be, such as new weird ideas, that don't seem to work but really do (ex: tomato soup cake). Only a suggestion, keep the good work c:

  3. 25% of people with a Northern European genetic heritage, have a gene that makes cilantro taste like dish soap. I am sure that I am not the only one who is tired of it being put in bloody EVERYTHING.

  4. I think for your Valentine's day video, you should make Mike, Barry, and Jamie make their best 3 course dinner. LIke something they can make that would impress their wives or a girl. Then bring their wives or girlfriend in, suprising them, and then let the girls try their dishes for a change.

  5. I've been watching Sorted for years and years. This is one of the first recipes I've actually tried making. IT WAS SO DELICIOUS. Pretty easy too. I made three breasts thinking my boyfriend would eat more, but wow, that shredded chicken really goes far. We have enough for 6 or 7 sandwiches with only 3 breasts. The curry powder is a really nice touch as well. Love it guys!

  6. I like this recipe, but I had this crazy idea… If I was to marinate the chicken in the yogurt chutney sauce and then proceed to cook it in the same sauce, and after it's been cooked to strain it and further coat in a fresh batch of the same sauce would that work?

  7. an easy way to shred the chicken would be to throw the whole breast into a stand mixer with a paddle. its weird, but it works. i mean, ben probably wouldn't approve, but its fast lol

  8. Hey! I have a lactose intolerance. What can I use instead of the yougurt! Thank you for These amazing recepies!Hope to see more incredible creations! All the best Anna

  9. Just used this technique for poaching the chicken to make bbq pulled chicken wraps, turned out phenomenal! Thank you for showing me how it's done. 🙂

  10. I came across the recipe yesterday so I made it and had 2 sandwich wraps with this filling and spinach and tomato. 2 hours later I had another 2 sandwich wraps and finished all the filling off….so today I made it again and this time had it with jacket potato. safe to say I luv it. thanks for the recipe 👌👍

  11. hi sorted! thanks for the awesome recipe – i'm gonna go out to buy the ingredients and make this for school lunch tmr 🙂 i was just wondering if fresh mint would work just as well as coriander?

  12. what are you british ppl doing over there? quit acting like you have a cuisine beyond fish and chips. This should be retitled how to fuck up a sandwich. it's like indian and british hipster dbag homosexual fusion food. Either cook indian or don't. Next time prepare the chicken. Forget everything else, then smother it in bbq sauce if you're going to be that lazy. It will taste much better. Fuck this gay earth.

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