22 thoughts on “Graffiti – Blade – Run This Town GoPro”

  1. So fucking wack.. Why does every toy think they can make videos for YouTube. Do some fucking research on your name too you clueless prick

  2. 1st off let me say WHO THE FUCK MADE EVERYONE THE FUCKin CROWN POLICE!?!?! half of u don't hit shit but a keyboard!if the man wanna put a crown on his shit he can do so. that's like saying u can't put a cloud outline or stars in ur work, it's an ol skool effect that EVERYONE uses IV seen crowns on waaaay shittier pieces .now 2 the writer u definitely need 2 do research on a name cuz BLADE is a legend… I would switch the name. Ur work isn't great but it's not completely horrible IV definitely seen alot worse. u need 2 keep practicing bruh. the ur B coulda looked better just by simply following thru the lines on the top of the B ur hole n extension don't line up. keep practicing and trying different designs… but I would change the name ASAP cuz that's a no no

  3. if you want to make graff videos I recommend you do throwies and tags and practice pieces off camera and change the tag but other than that u ain't terrible

  4. Good start, but I'd get rid of the crown, stop writing blade and do some research. keep it up tho, practice leads to improvement… usually

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