Is the Surface Laptop Too Expensive?!


Surface Laptop review is coming soon but first .. is the Surface Laptop Worth it?
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32 thoughts on “Is the Surface Laptop Too Expensive?!”

  1. At that price why shouldn't I buy a Mac and pay for Office for Mac? Better build. This fabric thingy will start wearing out after two years.

  2. here in europe, the base model is actually priced pretty good. You can't get an ultrabook with good build quality here around 1000, except for the surface laptop

  3. I don't know…I have a 2011 macbook air with only 2 Gb ram, the baseline model. And I still find it good enough for my daily use as a university student.

  4. It's funny that no matter how expensive apple products get that's ok but if any other company raises their quality and price it's soooo bad and inappropriate!!!

  5. i just got a macbook pro 13 inch and im happy with it

    but on black friday here in Norway the midtear model you talked about was 10k down from 14k….. in contrast the Huwawie matebook x was 10k down from 13k

    i had to choose which one to get my brother and i went for the surface laptop, i think at such a big discount it was quite good, but still would have loved to see USBc on it

    buy asus or dell even razer after a few generations
    he says the build quality is better cos the screen is so thick
    anyway its not like your going to run it over with a car

    as i was saying dont buy it, they ar making it purposefully expensive because they give licensing to dell asus etc
    so they will not compete with them in terms of price otherwise thats meh i dont know buisness but it wouldnt make sense apparently

  7. It is gorgeous, though. I have to keep reminding myself that I prefer the form factor of the Surface Pro (that I already own!)

  8. Apple users: Surface is a throw away, unrepairable laptop by Microsoft.

    Um… ok? You’ve been buying the same shit from Apple for years.

    A friends “w” key on his Mac book pro came off and when we took it in to fix (at Apple) he had to replace the entire fucking keyboard for like $400 so he’s opted to go without a “w” key until the laptop is unusable.

    Edit: I too had a Mac book pro, my battery fried and Apple told me the only option I have is to buy a new laptop.
    Literally everything worked, ONLY the battery needed changing, tests were run at Apple and they said it’s only the battery but I all I could do was buy a new laptop. Useless

  9. I’m a apple hater….. but I have to say, surface laptops are more expensive and weaker (performance and battery) than MacBook Pro. The only good thing about surface laptop is that it has magnetic connector and some usb a ports

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