A Soldier’s Food – WW1 Uncut: Dan Snow – BBC

Without good food, no battles could be won. Did British or German soldiers eat better in the First World War? Historian Dan Snow puts it to the test.


34 thoughts on “A Soldier’s Food – WW1 Uncut: Dan Snow – BBC”

  1. 99.9% of people – complaning about music in the background0.01% (ME) – NICE VIDEO!

  2. You guys are complaining about the music, I'm more bothered about these guys making a tin of corned beef shit itself and it looking like the actual thing.

  3. I actually like the music. If you don't like it stop complaining and fuck off im tired of seeing your comments about it

  4. What is with that music? Come on guys, the subject matter here is sober. Millions of people died in this war and you put that shit on?

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