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The all new HP x2 is a detachable laptop that offers up to 11 hours of battery life and 4 versatile modes that allow you to connect, play, and work from one detachable PC.



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The All New Detachable PC | HP x2 | HP


24 thoughts on “The All New HP x2 Detachable PC – HP Studios”

  1. Found the info I was looking for. I had it al along but thought it was old info.
    The device you see in the movie is the HP X2 210 G2. It has about the same specs as the old G1 version . Some improvements are made(flat bottom to avoid tip over) and it has 2 camera's instead of one.

  2. The HP x2 shown here and the HP x2 I'm getting at hp India website is different.
    Battery is 7 hrs
    No rear facing camera.
    So sad to know..if it's not available in India or on any e-comm sites of India.

  3. I have this laptop but the one with only one camera it's amazing it's fast runs smoothly battery life is great trough the only thing I didn't like is the space it can be expanded with a SD card and that it didn't included a Microsoft Office subscription

  4. Everyone in my classes are using Samsung tablets with Android to take notes. Now am I missing something or am I not the only one who thinks it's smarter to get something like the x2 which is cheaper and has full Windows 10 and a keyboard? I mean I still can;t afford either one but I am saving up for this x2, just want to confirm whether my train of thought makes sense.

  5. This laptop to me is eh it came with 2 Gigabytes of Ram and I think that's ridiculous, When I first got it it was one of the best things I ever got in the world until it slowed down and became unresponsive but I really like the design on the outside but in the inside No I really don't like it I've been watching tutorials and everything but they don't work I hope my laptop can get better.

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