HEALTHY FOODS That CHANGED The Way I Eat!! Grocery Haul

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‪Ahh, so sorry for the inconsistency!! Currently filming a show and barely have time for filming/editing, so thank you for being patient!

In today’s video I show you guys what I typically buy at the grocery store and healthy foods that changed the way I eat!

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30 thoughts on “HEALTHY FOODS That CHANGED The Way I Eat!! Grocery Haul”

  1. A little background on me: I've always struggled with my weight due to PCOS and hypothyroidism. I stayed at 180 for many years, dieted/exercised my way to 170…and then eventually ended up at 248. This led to all sorts of worrying health signs popping up (being overweight is especially bad with PCOS), and so I've been on a mission to get back to my ideal weight of 150. I'm now down to 216 and feeling encouraged by the progress. However, I keep coming across the countless articles/studies pointing out that only 5% of people can keep off the weight after a massive loss. I want to believe I'm part of that 5% so, so badly. I plan to be part of it. But is it physically possible? Are there people here who have kept off the weight for many years?

  2. I started nutrisystem and this is amazing 🙂 high fiber is great !!!! Sugar free low fat and fat free is the bomb

  3. She said that she was gonna upload a "new video" 3 days ago. She'll be uploading "tomorrow" which was 2 days ago. But there's still no new video hehehehe. I'm very disappointed. I missed the old claudia.

  4. EEEEEEEE! You had me up until you said you love the TJ's ketchup. No way! We HATE it. It's funny how everyone likes different things. I guess that's what makes us all unique lol p.s. Heinz has organic ketchup as well. Pectic "peck-tin" is a thickener. It does not keep the jelly fresh. TFS!!

  5. Fun fact – fat actually isn't the enemy!! 8 times out of 10 every time something says low fat it means they replace the fat with sugar, which is what you should be staying away from!!

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  7. Guys, please don't listen to her when she says a huge list of ingredients is a bad thing. Let me name a few: chlorogenic acid, flavonids, alpha-linolenic acid, pterostilbene, resveratrol.
    These are all ingredients in a blueberry.
    Chemicals compose everything. While processed foods can be harmful, a lot of listed ingredients are not inherently unhealthy, and her mindset is incredibly ignorant.

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