How To – Secret Compartment Box II



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Since I’m always asked for more details on the secret compartment box builds, I thought I’d try a simplified voice over version of SCB II

The box is made almost entirely from softwood with the majority of lumber coming from a single 8′ 2X4. The compartment is made from a solid piece of clear pine and the bottom/false bottoms are 1/4″ Baltic birch plywood.

The box is roughly 9″ wide, 6″ tall, 6″ deep.

For more details, check out my website.

—Marking Gauge –
—Titebond Glue –
—Glue Bottle –
—Long Drill Bit –
—CA Glue –
—Varathane Stain –
—Briwax –
—X-Carve CNC Router –


48 thoughts on “How To – Secret Compartment Box II”

  1. I cannot believe people whine about you using a piece of equipment just because they don't have it. Grow. The. Hell. Up. People!! Damn!!

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  3. Freakin' awesome!!! Extremely clever Dustin, love it! I'm going to be applying this idea to some night stands I'll be building soon! If you get the time would you please check out my channel? SLAINTÉ

  4. would love to see more secret compartment videos. I find it fascinating how you come up with the secret mechanisms and how to hide the compartment. Until the very end, I didn't get how it was going to be hidden, then TA DA…I got it. 🙂 Thanks for the video.

  5. I remember hating wood glue, but now that I'm older using it does miracles. Really good looking box the wearing out process was pretty nifty to watch. I'm not the best at wood working but it's worth a go.

  6. FYI: I am using various shades of shoe polish with black and it works fine. Try it sometimes for such projects.

  7. that's really good.
    you should try your hand at carpentry m8, I think you will good at it…… if your cnc router and other power tools will let you.

  8. I would like to say thank you for the amazing work you do.i spend hours watching your videos and I must say life passes me by lol but it's great and I do learn and learn about great tools you use in your shop.thank you Freddy from Westchester New York.

  9. DP, Loved this vid and I DO have the same CNC router as you so here is the question, have you ever used the gear generator in easel for something like this??
    would love to hear your thoughts on that (or maybe a vid). Thanks! HT

  10. Большое спасибо за видео! Прострел уже много ваших работ. От куда вы берете идеи для творчества ?

  11. Brilliant "just found you and come here I want you don't feel bad about haven a CNC I don't have one would love one but a its a pipe dream. There just f***ing jealous mate .i going to have a crack a that box thanks for sharing

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