Web Design and Programming Pt 1 PHP

This is the first part of a tutorial in which I’ll build tons of websites using PHP, SQL, MySQL, JavaScript, and AJAX applications. In the end you’ll be able to make WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins and much more.

Code is Here:


25 thoughts on “Web Design and Programming Pt 1 PHP”

  1. Hey Derek Banas, I learned a lot from your html tutorial, and I have actually made a bunch of websites. I am Practicing this tutorial on my Windows 7, I write the program just as you did but the results are not the same. Can you please help me?

    Also I want to say thank you so much for posting these videos. it helps a lot of people and I really appreciate what you do.

  2. Hello Derek,

    How are you? Your videos make more sense. Can you please explain PHP in LINUX it would be appreciable. Thanks in advance. Waiting for your valuable reply…

  3. Hello Derek, Why ย frond end dev(using html/javascript) or back end dev(php/mysql) do not follow design phase like UML->OOD->coding approach?They start writing the code directly.

  4. how to install php on a system?? i use XAMPP that allows to use php but i always have to create all projects inside xampp folder and to run it on browser hav to use localhost/file location.

  5. +Derek Banas Will implementation of the PDO (php data objects) api be covered in this playlist?ย 
    If not, do you have any videos on the topic? I watched the first video in your 'PHP Security $int' playlist and didn't see PDO mentioned.

  6. I just started watching your videos a few weeks ago, and you've covered so much useful information. I learned python years ago in college and have dabbled with java, but have had limited experience with front end development, and your series has taught me pretty much everything I need to know to market myself and actually feel accomplished in making a product. Thanks!

  7. You are amazing, and have great vocals as well :3, I just wanted to ask, these videos are pretty old like 6 years old. Technologies have certainly moved pretty ahead. I was thinking if these videos are still viable to learn php as a complete begin

  8. Hi bro , I can't grasp a scope resolution operator concept in PHP. can you please help me. Thanks in Advance … oh I forgot to say thanks for nearly 2 (1/2) years and sorry about that Because I am one of the maddest fans for youtube contents for a long time …

  9. Hi Derek. Thank you for the great videos. I would like to make a request for a PHP cURL tutorial that covers SSL certificates (p12, pem etc) I havent found anything informative enough. Pretty Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

  10. Derek, is this still adviseable to follow for learning web development as of today? I'm sorry for the dumb question.

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