Teach Your Dog to Weave around Legs | Dog Tricks

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16 thoughts on “Teach Your Dog to Weave around Legs | Dog Tricks”

  1. My dog can already do that and has almost killed me with it thousands of times when I approach my basement stairs.

  2. What if my dog sits whenever she sees the treat? Even if I move the treat away from her, still at her hight where she can reach it, she keeps sitting. What do I do?

  3. I LOVED THIS VIDEO!!!! So good, but I have a question, I just got a beautiful baby American skimo. Her name is Kivah. She's 2 months and I know that they are extremely intelligent and ofcourse i´d like her to learn some tricks, but when do i need to teach her to do that? Hope you answer me soon.

  4. My dog is too energized and its too hard to get her to do it because i'm small and shes big. Not to mention every trick she learns she will ONLY do with food. After 1000's of times doing it she will only do it with food. The only thing she does without food is sit and stay and thats after repeating it two or three times. I honestly am ready to give up on training her.

  5. I need help. I give him treats through every move that's correct and then I'm trying to give him less treats when he's getting better at it but the problem is that he starts to bark of impatience and stops weaving between my legs

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