Do You Squat Wrong? | Debunking Squat Myths


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21 thoughts on “Do You Squat Wrong? | Debunking Squat Myths”

  1. I hit the like button and subscribed – HO HO!
    Not only do you offer amazing tips but you just make me happy for some reason.
    Something aboutcha,lady!
    Anywho thanks a bunch. 😀

  2. Wow. Idk how but I just found you and you've reinspired me!! Feb 2016 my lifting and fitness journey got derailed by a horrible car accident. You've reminded me that it's okay to be a #BasicsBitch and that the basics are so key to foundation! Thank you for the reminder and encouragement that it's okay to be a beginner!

  3. Thank you so much for this very helpful video. I wanted to know about foot placement. Should they be placed parallel or slightly externally rotated? Should there be equal weight across the foot, or more of the weight placed in the heel?

  4. Shooting a comment here 🙂 I LOVED it! Starting to practice my correct air squats as of NOW :))

  5. this was so helpful in so many ways…since I had knee from my taekwondo days I thought I could never squat again. thank you so much, plus, this was very informative. 🙂

  6. All these years of Les Mills Body Pump have really played havoc on my knees, I am now doing these AIR SQUATS, they feel amazing and I feel my knees getting better every day, Thankyou!!!! & Greetings from Australia! 😀 xx

  7. Thanks for saying that it took you six months to perfect your squat….I was getting frustrated as it seemed to be taking me so long. I thought I had it, then would load and lose the technique. I'll now forget the load and keep going until I seriously get technique right. Thank you so much.

  8. I have just the ankle stretch test and I an no-where near. Do you have any videos that show how to improve this area?

  9. I am going to try this in tonights workout and start practicing this new air squat. I typically squat the way you use to with a variety of heavy weight.

  10. Really helpful video! I am 6'4 and I don't have good hip flexibility or mobility. And I have flat feet. I was born without a tendon in my foot.

  11. This is very interesting … i half squat like most of the people i think and i’ve never been convinced that i’m doing well … Now i have all the answers that i’ve been looking for thank you so much … i’m from France

  12. Wow, thank you sooooo much, I have been squatting in the same manner as the wrong way you presented, I am going to practice air squats until I achieve a perfect squat!!!

  13. Thank you for the video. What if you are a beginner and find it difficult….well impossible to squat all the way down? How far should one go down in the squat to get some benefit to strengthen the required muscles? How many reps/sets to start? Thank you.

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