GoPro Hero5 Black: Unboxing, Demo, & Hands-on Review!

gopro hero 5

GoPro Hero5 Black vs Hero 4 design – Unboxing and Review. GoPro’s Hero 5 Black may be the best action camera in 2016! In this Hero 5 unboxing and hands-on review, we’ll compare it to the Hero 4 Black and look at the 4K Hero 5 with built-in LCD screen, specs, and video demo! Buy it here:

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35 thoughts on “GoPro Hero5 Black: Unboxing, Demo, & Hands-on Review!”

  1. Yep, I came for the video quality review. Please compare it to the Session quality and the iPhone 7 or a Galaxy phone to get the big picture

  2. The iPhone 7 has video stabilization at 4K because it uses OIS. This only has EIS which (seems to at least) doesn't work at 4K.

  3. Tbh I'd rather have the housing on my gopro and replace the housing than having to replace the camera when it falls down and crack

  4. can someone please tell me why everyone says that the hero 4 silver doesn't shoot 4k when my hero 4 silver does? wut m8

  5. full review pls in comparison with iPhone 7 camera or S7 edge !! Want to know where it stands when compared to great smartphone cameras.

  6. When it comes to sound quality, can i sync the gopro to a mic? a mic that i clip to my shirt or Maybe, bluetooth sync it to a mic? Is there anything like that on this? Help plz

  7. Hey there, is it better to buy the gopro on the gopro website or another website or store with few $$$ cheaper? Thanks! From Australia here. 🙂

  8. This is a very impressive comprehensive review! I'm honestly not all that impressed with the new GoPro. The design of the Hero 4 looks more heavy duty, especially with the stainless steal. The new model looks a little too cheaply made. 4K at 30fps is amazing on the Hero 5, but the fact that there's no stabilization on that setting is a bummer. I honestly would just get the Hero 4 Silver. Since the Hero 5 has been released, the price of the older model has dropped by 25%. A huge save in your budget. If you're one of those tech snazzy people with a good budget, the Hero 5 would be the thing for you. If you're someone like me who's looking for a good deal, then get the Hero 4. I don't know why GoPro has to change the ports on the new model. There was not all that much to complain about with the Mini USB. Maybe the new USB C has faster charging? I don't know. Overall, the new model looks good. Keep it up!

  9. I bought this camera on 2016 boxing day which was attracted by a description on best buy website "night vision". However there is no night vision option on this camera. I purchased a memory card to use it on Hero 5 Black, according to the description given on the gopro website. Unfortunately card stop working after 17 minites continuous shooting. I noticed following defects on Hero 5 back which are given below
    1. Lens portion of camera is heating up after 15 minits continuous shooting.
    2.There is no good video quality for 4k video (my canon 6D have better quality on 1920*1080 video shooting than Gopro)
    3. Misleading information on remaining battery charge information.
    4. camera stop working after exactly 17 minits shooting..

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