Asus Zenfone AR review


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16 thoughts on “Asus Zenfone AR review”

  1. I really hope more manufacturers will produce phones with Tango sensors. Google's Tango technology is years ahead of and far superior to Apple's VR Kit

  2. I like how you closed. You basically bslapped the AR phone but it was so well worded and subtle that it wasn't obliviously disrespectful and probably didn't catch much attention. For those who missed it, just watch the ending again. Bravo

    (When referring to those who the phone may not be good for) —>

    "…than for those who would rather just have an ALL-AROUND excellent smart phone."

  3. I want something mobile to scan my environment … like at my job, I would like to get measures and forms of the layout so I could easily calculate piping and other metal structures. Not sure if this phone is the best way but I cant find anything better at as a low price point.

  4. I am using ZenFone AR and the camera quality is awesome and VR experience for 3d movies is totally awesome, but using AR for a hour heats up the phone so much. Overall a quality future phone

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